Condoms and safer sex

Using condoms isn’t always easy and there are many factors contributing to the reasons why people don’t use them. Many people have anxieties related to sex, relationships and ‘their performance’ that impacts on their decision to use condoms. We offer a confidential and non-judgmental advice service that can address issues around condom usage and where necessary, can also signpost individuals into relevant professionals where issues are health related. To find out more about condoms and how to use condoms properly download one of our fact sheets:







When used properly condoms greatly reduce the risk of acquiring HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

  • Male condoms come in a range of shapes, sizes, thicknesses, flavours, textures and colours. Though the standard size will fit most men, smaller and larger condoms are available – it is important to use a condom that fits well.

  • Flavoured condoms can be used for oral sex. You can also get flavoured lubricants.

  • Female condoms are available that fit inside the vagina.

  • Some condoms are designed just to provide sexual stimulation or to be fun – check the packaging to make sure they will provide protection during sex.

  • Condoms have a ‘best before’ date – if the date has passed, throw them away.

  • Always check that the condom packaging has a quality mark such as the BSI Kitemark or the European CE mark.

  • Latex condoms deteriorate if stored in a hot place so keep them out of the sun and away from radiators and other sources of heat.

  • Latex free condoms are available for anyone with a latex allergy.