We provide person centred support tailored to an individual needs.

This means that individuals have their own identity, needs, wishes and choice.

One size does not work when it comes to providing support.

Each individual will be supported to make choices about their sexual health and well-being. A person’s well-being may include their sense of hope, confidence and self- esteem, their ability to communicate their wants and

needs and to connect with others.

Our approach uses the idea that everyone has an inner wish to fulfill their personal potential. We accept everyone for who they are, seeing them as positive and capable of making their own decisions and choices. We will work with individuals to identify strengths and abilities supporting them to look at

what they can do for themselves.

Our holistic support provides general advice and guidance around sexual health and well-being including STI’s and how to protect oneself. emotional support, signposting, advocacy and support to appointments. We help with building confidence and as a result individuals develop positive relationships,

promoting social inclusion and independence.

Our aim is to support and motivate our clients to make some necessary changes and to do things for themselves within an agreed timescale.  We will encourage and facilitate involvement in community groups and other social activities.

Staffordshire Buddies sets the PACE in delivering a

sexual health and well-being service

(Prevention, Awareness, Conversation, Education)

Awareness raising is a two-way street, encouraging communication and information exchange in order to improve understanding as well as informing communities to bring about the necessary change in attitudes and behavior.

We will engage with community groups, voluntary sector organisations attend events and activities to continue to promote sexual health and well-being.