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HIV Community Rapid Testing

Free Community-based rapid HIV Testing (60 second test) click here for more information

Free Community Based Rapid HIV Test


National HIV Testing Week and World AIDS Day

Are you HIV Aware’

Know the facts and get tested - Rapid Community HIV Testing throughout Staffordshire and Stoke.

This year Staffordshire Buddies as the local delivery partner for HIV Prevention England is actively promoting National HIV Testing Week with the goal of increasing HIV knowledge and uptake in HIV Testing and we are using December 1st World AIDS Day to ask everyone one question 'Are you HIV Aware'.
As a Charity we are encouraging people to know their HIV status and test under the strapline ‘Are you HIV AWARE’.

In the UK we have nearly 110,000 people living with HIV with 1 in 4 people with HIV unaware that they have the virus. Locally we have over 750 people living with HIV and several thousand affected by HIV. 
For the first time locally, accessible and rapid HIV Community testing is happening throughout Staffordshire and Stoke. This is not only for people to get to know their HIV status but also to reduce locally the high numbers of people presenting late or unaware that they are HIV positive.

This year it is important that we remind people that HIV still has no cure but there are effective treatments that can keep a person healthy and less infectious to others, especially if diagnosed early.

We are using the strapline ‘Are you HIV Aware’ to raise awareness of HIV, its symptoms and to encourage testing  at Buddies and in partnerships with GP’s, Hospitals, the Partnership Trust as well as the voluntary and community sector to reduce late diagnosis by providing more opportunities for HIV testing including rapid HIV testing.

'How to be HIV Aware' - Contact us, join us and get involved

  • Challenge stigma and be ‘HIV aware’ - Get the latest resources, leaflets and posters around HIV, legal rights and on confidentiality.
  • Wear a red ribbon to raise awareness and help to fundraise.
  • Look at ways of how you might address HIV within YOUR Community, support or create your own local events running throughout the county.
  • Get people talking about HIV, sexual health and well-being. If you think your community needs to be more HIV aware then speak to us and we could help by providing training, attending events or meetings to talk about HIV. 
  • Know where people can test - check out our website and contact us for details.
  • Know the facts

Calendar of Events – National HIV Testing Week and World AIDS Day
Here are just some of the events occurring around World AIDS Day. There are also many events happening throughout the county at universities, colleges, hospitals, GUM clinics, schools and in the workplace.  Check them out on our website www.staffordshirebuddies.co.uk or email ask@staffordshirebuddies.co.uk or ring (01782) 201251 to add your event to the website. A few events happening locally around World AIDS Day

  • HIV Unfolded Exhibition: The AirSpace Gallery, ST1 4HL, Hanley - 25th Nov – 1st Decr 2015
  • Candlelight Vigil - Fountain Square, Hanley: 5.30pm 1st December 2015
  • Lichfield Cathedral World AIDS Day Service: 7.30 pm 1st December 2015
  • HIV Remembrance and Celebration: Holy Trinity Church, Hamil Road, Burslem ST6 1AP: Sunday 6th December 2015 3:30pm

To download posters and postcards for World AIDs Day click here...


Staffordshire Buddies your local HIV Prevention England Partner proudly supports "IT STARTS WITH ME" and together "WE CAN STOP HIV"

Click here to visit the campaign website

It Starts With Me It Starts With Me It Starts With Me <It Starts With Me It Starts With Me It Starts With Me


Training Courses 

Staffordshire Buddies runs the following courses in schools and colleges and for professionals.  

  • HIV Awareness
  • Sex and the Law
  • LGB&T Awareness
  • Trans Awareness
  • Healthy Relationships - 'Drawing the line'
  • Hate Crime
  • Cyber-Bullying and the use of the media
  • Sexual Health Awareness - Basic and Intermediate

The courses are either bitezise (50 minutes - 2 hours) as well as full or half day sessions.  For more details please contact Jamie and Sharon at ask@staffordshirebuddies.co.uk or ring on 01782 201251 who will pass on your details to the relevant team.